The 10 Worst U.S. Airports for Flight Delays


Facing delays and obstacles before a flight’s departure sounds normal if it happens in a few days. But facing these same airport flight delays constantly, randomly, and every next day will definitely boil your blood and make you feel frustrated. This is a great problem that needs to be taken into consideration with a proven solution. Therefore, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics came forward with its report on “Airline On-Time Statistics & Delay Causes,” focusing on major airport flight delay issues in countries like the U.S.



This report will prove to be more like a helping hand for people to know about their “airport flight status USA.” So, they can skip the airports that come into the most delayed and the busiest ones in the US. Moreover, as we all know, not every airport is facilitated equally, which shows that airport flight delay depends upon departure and other technical issues. Therefore, having your “airport flight status USA” ahead of time can help you in choosing your airport smartly and rationally.



So, you will at least miss any flight and cancel your trips and vacation plans, especially if you’re flying in a group with family or kids and not alone. Furthermore, to know about the ten worst airports that are popular for flight delays in the US, stay tuned till the end of the page. Remember, this airport flight delays data by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics is based on the last two-year record.


Ten Worst Airports for Flight Delays in the U.S


Here, you have a list of 10 airport flight delays named, that list from top to bottom in the US. Moreover, this list is an outcome of years of research data by FOX Weather on the “airport flight status USA.” Hence, below you can find ten airports that have the highest percentage of flights delayed by 15 or even more minutes:



1. The first one that ranks in the list is “Newark Liberty International,” which has an overall 24.29% chance of delay or cancellation of the booking.
2. The next one is the “San Francisco International Airport,” which ranks second on the list. Not less than the above one, “San Francisco International Airport” is currently facing a 22.76% loss due to flight cancellations.
3. The third airport in the USA is “LaGuardia Airport,” which has a 22.52% chance of airport flight delays or cancellations.
4. Another one is the “Dallas/Fort Worth International” airport in the USA, which has a 20.77% chance of flight delay or booking cancellation.
5. With a 20.22% chance of delay or cancellation, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport ranks fifth on the list.
6. “Palm Beach International” in a developed nation like the USA carries a 19.66% chance of airport flight delays.
7. The “Tie: Boston Logan International & Louis Armstrong New Orleans International” airport currently holds the seventh position. Both airports collectively have a rate of 19.39% chance of delay or cancellation in bookings.
8. Along with fewer delay timings, the “Orlando International” airport has a 19.22% chance of delay or cancellation.
9. The second last one is the “San Antonio International” airport in the USA which faces 19.03% delay or cancellation chances.
10. The “Tie: John F. Kennedy International” airport is the last one you can prefer as the safer option. In the USA, you can prefer flying by this airport as it has the least 18.79% chance of delay or cancellation in flight.


What Are the Reasons Behind the Delays?

What are the Reasons Behind the Delays


There are several reasons responsible for airport flight delays, which can be seen in even popular airports in the USA. The first one is that air traffic delays accounted for 20% of the recent past year. Also, you can see more delays in the spring and summer months if you see the winter months. Moreover, the small delays in back-to-back flights put pressure on the airports in the form of traffic. To escape from airport flight delays, you should check flight ticket status online about the airport flight status USA.


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